Write Africa, Write for Africa.

You want to write as a contemporary African? You want to earn from that? Right place you are in.

I, like many other’s have wondered when we will write not only African books, but books for Africans.
Most novels have lost that African touch because the voice is not ours. We have a new voice, the voice of the youth. A more modern one that reflects today and if everyone is dead set on pleasing others and not giving home, we beg to differ. 

This blog is set to revolutionize writing for Africans whose only hope seems to be the youth so with the tips and articles here, I hope you can help us help you do it!

Again this blog wishes to aid the young world wide on how to monetize their writing talent online. With a variety of tools and methods, we hope you can also benefit from your skills and utilise it to the max. 

Read through.



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