Paperbacks or Ebooks: Your Preference? 

My one prayer whenever I’m stressing my eyes for hours unending reading my favourite novel  sometimes when the room is dark and the light from my phone is assaulting my eyes is for me eyes to not let me down in the future, because I hardly doubt it is healthy. But because technology is so adamant on making everything easy for us and we are so welcoming and accepting of it, I still go back to reading on my phone, at least it’s a wider screened smartphone now.

I see people reading paperback novels and the first thing that comes to my mind is, I’m getting the ebook on Amazon, because I know I can!. Now, I don’t even bother buying the print novels and sometimes even textbooks, they are all online, it’s always a plus if they are free.

But reading ebooks is my preference. I know of many people who can’t even stand the idea. They prefer seeing the print as it is, that is the only time they get the reading experience. For others, the feel of a good book in their palms is not something they will want to trade.

I know of a relative whose main reason for reading a paperback book is because he usually flings them when he reads a part that annoys him, he can’t fling his phone all the time now can he?

For some it’s just so people can see them reading a novel, it gives out the imagery of someone much more intelligent and important than they are, they seem to think.

But for many it is the novelty, the sanctity of the traditional books in print that makes them ever loyal to it. Aside from the fact that ebooks are free, this , the novelty is the only other reason I read books in print in this century. 

On the part of the writers and publishers, it’s all about faster and easier access to readers. The circulation of ebooks is no doubt not far behind it’s print counterpart. There is also more flexibility and with so many free self-publishing mediums, e-books production are so much more rampant with or without pay. With digital publishing, writers make more but publishers make most without spending much. The downside? The revenue it generates is not much at all.

So it’s safe to say that ebooks might over ride the traditional ones very soon as many youth do not longer even see the point in toiling to get your work publised and earning only a meagre amount from it as is the order of the day when they can do same for free online and sometimes even earn from it. Though I’m not in support of extinction of print,  it still will make sense if that is the case.

So which do you prefer? E or Paperback books?


2 thoughts on “Paperbacks or Ebooks: Your Preference? 

  1. I really do prefer paper book, I’ve heard my friends tell me I’m arcade cos of this. Buh when reading paper book, i’m always with a pencil then I underline a particular phrase or line then I come back to it later on when am done with the book. The only E book I have read is On becoming by toke makinwa. I prefer paper book no matter how expensive it maybe


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