5 Reasons Why I’ll Take Novels Over Their Movies Any Day.

I watched Harry Potter before I read the book. In fact most probably because of where I’m from, I never knew there was a Harry Potter book until well into the second or third part. Growing up I had mixed reactions about the movies, at first I was scared(I was young ), then I was amazed at the creativity , how did a human being think all this up?, then I became hungry, an insatiable one. I wanted more of it and a year of torturous waiting wasn’t for me. 

Some years later ,I found the book, something shifted. I never knew the movies could be that skeletal, that flimsy.  I mean as good as the Harry Potter movies was, it was all sponge compared to the book, simply outstanding. The way she painted the characters so vivid , the scenes like I had been teleported there and I could smell every scent and taste every food. Everything,  everything was just so alive I had forgotten it was all fiction. At a point in time, I found it hard to relate the movie with the novel.
So here are some reasons why the novels are a bigger hit:

  1. The movies do not much to the imagination, I mean every scene is handed to you, you don’t need to conjure it up but the scenes in tge books appeal to the imagination, you create your own characters and in fact you make a movie, I prefer that.
  2. The details. There is just so much a movie can show you before it gets too animated . No matter how detailed, technology cannot capture everything but with a novel, there is no limit to how detailed the author makes it,  everything out of this world and it will still make sense.
  3. I love reading, that’s enough right?.
  4. The flashbacks, the reasons why things happen, only in the novels.
  5. There is no tine frame with a novel but movies are usually two hours tops so they fail to capture the real essence of the story.

Plus the diction, descriptions, narratives,  epic conversations, drama. Come on! I bet I’m not alone, how about you, novels or their movies?.


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