The Gravity of Life

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That pull exists in life. The desire to be more than we actually are, the quest to get more out of life than life seems to offer. It might be for the better, or worse.

It is in Man’s innate nature to proove to himself and others that he can be MORE. Though admittedly there are some people whose zeal to succeed is just not there, they believe in living only.

Others believe that if life is worth living, it is worth living well. More often than not, these are the people that end up making it to the top.

Most times these are the people who never thought they could make it, they toiled and soiled from the very root till they made it to the top. These are the people that the society looked down on because they had neither a noble background nor influential families but alas fate had other things in stock for them.

Everyday people who move from the blades of grass up are making it in life, and their past becomes either forgotten or a point of reference. They become among the most respected, most influential, men that speak and are heard even before their voice hits the ear, the become models for us in the society. This is what happens when fate shoots a persons luck up. Hopefully, his luck will stay up for the rest of his life before the pull of gravity decides to bring it down.

Some however watch helplessly as karma flings them from the top of the success tree down on dirt and ashes, a few of whom rise from the ashes like a phoenix. These are the one’s who know what truly the pull of gravity back to earth means. The impact of the force at which they land shakes them up and probably breaks their vital organs so much so that they may never rise again.

The bottomline is, you cannot stay at the top forever, there has to be someone before and after you likewise being at the rusty bottom of the chain is not permanent. The most important factor is that you decide to beat all odds and climb the forbidden ladder and when thrown by the forces of life, you try to climb right back up. In this life we are living, life itself is attached to hope. 


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