Top Ten Africans You Should Know. Part 2


Albert John Lutuli

First native African Nobel Laureate .Chief of his tribe and president-general of the African National Congress, Albert John Lutuli was the leader of ten million black Africans in their nonviolent campaign for civil rights in South Africa. A man of noble bearing, charitable, intolerant of hatred, and adamant in his demands for equality and peace among all men, Lutuli forged a philosophical compatibility between two cultures – the Zulu culture of his native Africa and the Christian-democratic culture of Europe.


Mohammed Dewji

Africas youngest millionaire Mohammed Dewji of Tanzania He was voted Business Leader of the Year at the African Business Awards in 2015 and headed the Institut Choiseul’s list of leading young African economic leaders in 2016. He serves as the President and CEO of MeTL Group, a Tanzanian conglomerate founded by his father in the 1970s. Mohammedis single-handedly responsible for increasing MeTL’s revenues from $30 million to over $1.5 billion between 1999 and 2015.


Eileen Johnson Sirleaf.

Sirleaf was born in Monrovia 1938 and attended the College of West Africa from 1948 to 1955. She married James Sirleaf when she was 17 years old, later divorcing in 1960 or 1961 due to his abusive nature.The marriage resulted in four sons and left Sirleaf in the role of homemaker. Early on in their marriage, James worked for the Department of Agriculture and Sirleaf worked as a bookkeeper for an auto-repair shop. She worked with the world bank and sevwral other banks.

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Top Ten Africans You Should Know. Part 1

Whether at home or away, Africans all over have proven themselves to be geniuses, athletic and entrepreneurial. Here, I will list out some ten Afticans you should know and their achievements:

Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe. Worlds most educated president, did you know that?. 

Mugabe has a whooping seven degrees masters includes. 

Academic Qualifications:

      *.Bachelor of Arts (History and English) (BA) degree from the University of Fort Hare (1951)

      *.Bachelor of Administration (B.Admin) from University of South Africa (Unisa)

      *.Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) from the University of South Africa (Unisa)

      *.Bachelor of Science (BSc.) in Economics from University of London

      *.Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from University of London

       *.Master of Laws (LL.M) from University of London

       *.Master of Science (MSc.) in Economics from University of London. 

Robert Mugabe is well known for speaking his mind and has been described as ruthless,  dictatorial, selfish but uneducated has never been mentioned. No wonder Zimbabwe has the highest literacy rate.
2, – 

Aliko Dangote is the richest black man in Nigeria and the world. The main business interests include cement, flour and sugar. The Dangote cement organization is present in most of the African nations. The total assets of Dangote are worth $15.7 billion. He is the richest black man in the globe and naturally occupies the numero uno position in the list of most rich black men. He is richer than Oprah Winfrey, in fact there is a gap of about five people between he and Miss Winfrey. 
– 3, 

Agbani Darego, First African to win Miss World title. Abgani a Nigerian contested for the title at a tender age of 18 and became the first African to bag it, she was handed the crown by the outgoing Miss World Prianka Chopra now a famous Indian actress.

Others in next post.

Pray for Maiduguri

Young girl injured by a stray bullet.

They are dying and are being told everything is fine, everything is under control, you are going to be safe. When? Over six years now and it’s the same damn story… Boko haram. How, please how can a nation as great as Nigeria be unable to fight a group not even 1% of 180 million of it’s population? How can the whole military  that has existed for more than a hundred years be unable to conquer a small group of people that are wrecking havoc to it’s citizens in a particular area, I mean it’s not like they are spread all over Nigeria, just the North-East and part of the North-West and Central. 

It’s baffling really, it gives you a feeling like the government are either in support, behind or not bothered about it. It is after the bombs have killed us all that they will come out ranting and sympathising , what for? Giving  a dead man medicine that’s what.

I am so mad right now because I know we are just being toyed with,  they are not letting us on the whole story. For Boko Haram to overpower the whole military and para military forces in Nigeria for more than 6 years says a lot about our competence or lack of it. 

When people talk about Maiduguri and Borno and the North-East, they think about land, a vast expanse of land with charred houses and burnt trees, buildings marred by bullets but do they remember that amidst the bombings, inside that burnt building, beneath that fallen tree were people who were once alive, now dead. For those young boys, girls, the old,women and men that is there home and every single gunshot disintegrates a part of that home until what, dust? 

People fleeing their homes during the attack

Yesterday in the evening, the Maiduguri whose peace had returned of recent had another attack , my sister said the bombs could have been dropped in her house if the sound was anything to judge by. But not everyone was home, some where in the market, office, outside looking for food and money to break their fast because the one they once had had been taken away from them and their was nothing they could do about it. Yet they say it is under control.  If you wish to believe in the whole boko haram propaganda do so but I don’t believe  a state with a governor resident in it and many top officials some military will be this terrorised for nothing. There is no boko haram, we want to know what is happening now.

So please I beseech you to pray for Maiduguri, pray for hope … that is all there is left.  Hope .🙏

Fiction or Non-fiction… That’s the Question.

Three years ago, if anyone had told me I would be writing anything non-fiction today, I would have probably spat on his feet and called him an enemy of progress. Not because I loath it no, I just never thought I’d enjoy writing it, never thought it was for me. Then I started writing non-fiction and now, now I can’t seem to stop.

Maybe it’s because of  the story it tells, or the way it is told, the characters perhaps, probably the interesting conversations , maybe that is why fiction works hook us up so much that we start to place ourselves in those stories and slowly loose ourselves to it. Then the line between reality and fiction becomes a blur and non-fiction, that just seems too real and too serious.

As for non-fictional works, they are either inspirational or motivating, now I get why adults read it , it’s useful and for some entertaining too. (Does that mean I’m adulting? But I don’t wanna😞). The content, the very substance that makes it what it is and that is why non-fiction is so special like… mozarella. The impact non-fiction has on our lives can not be overemphasized.

So, fiction or non-fiction? I can’t believe I’m saying this but currently,  right now, with the economic recession and what not, from my point of view, no hard feelings but non- fiction.  *phew* tough choice!

4 Social Media Marketing Tips

I know I am not the only person who feels there is more to social media than just chatting, gossiping, posting pictures,  slaying and more chatting.  So apart from marketing on social media using your followers as leverage, here are some trusted strategies to up your game:

Customers usually want to be referred to where they can access more content, more details or a collection of all your products , customer reviews and more.  You can, you should in fact have a website redirecting them to sort of an inventory. Plus you get more points for being tech savvy.

For visual and oral marketing for example: make -up, painting, real estate, singing or you just talk. A vlog will always go a long way in giving you a better connection with your audience because visuals are always better, more realistic and less stressful than reading.

You don’t have to tell your clients who have given you a positive feedback and who have lots of followers to share with their followers. If your product is good enough, they will. 

Another strategy is by giving them the products for free, they will surely share it with their followers, rave about how wonderful you are and help you generate nore customers.

Marketers can only refly on the quality, beauty and effectiveness of what they have to offer for so long. At a point, that will not be enough for your buyers. You need to sell yourselves as well as your products. To utilise your followers in marketing on social media, click here.

  •       Replying to request comments
  •      Replying to DM’s
  •      Be friendly…always
  •      Be polite, harsh language is a no no!
  •      Keep in mind.. customer is king.
  •      Always be transparent, same price for all customers. 
  •      Keep in touch with your clients to see whether they have gotten their products in good condition and if they have enjoyed it.
  •      Post reviews you got from your clients on your social media handle, blogs and vlogs.

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P.S – Genuine and original content to help social media marketers. Not scam!

What is Wattpad?

Some six years ago, before I gained admission into the University, I was an idea brewing machine with no cup to relief myself into. I wanted to write but wanted the readers to drive the wheels, afterall communication is key. 

Way before I started blogging, I was on Wattpad. And just like I did with blogging, I was inconsistent. In fact with Wattpad I failed to see it’s potential completely thereby bypassing the opportunity of fine-tuning my writing skills by self-publishing.  I still beat myself about it. I hope you don’t too. 

About five years later, I re-discovered Wattpad. There, my life changed for the better. I  mean that literally. I started writing a story just as a hobby, nothing serious, a sort of test drive to feed my book-hungry soul and feel the waters on how my book will be accepted by the world. Wattpad helped me discover that. I discovered my writing style, my target audience and a year later, my writing became noticeably better. But it did more. On Wattpad I made family, on Wattpad I joined  a community, on Wattpad I became the writer I had always dreamt to be and now, I am sure I can face the whole world because guess what? The test drive was a success. Still asking WHAT IS WATTPAD?

It is an online writing site with a cool mobile app where thousands of writers purge their souls for millions of readers to feed. Gory no? I meant that in a good way.


   As a writer:

◾ You get to write your first drafts for free and acquire some amazing skills.

◾You get instant feedbacks in form of comments and the coolest things is that the comments are paragraph by paragraph.  So people can comment on each of your paragraphs so you know exactly what they are referring to.

◾You can get votes for each chapter. 

◾You get to hang out with other writers and share writing ideas.

◾You can be free, wild, create your style, let your voice shine and you won’t be judged. In fact Wattpaders seem to appreciate things refreshing. 

◾ As you develop better and get more readers, Wattpad can place ads on your pages so yeah, on the long run, if you are totally awesome ( Like Ninya Tippet❤) you can earn on Wattpad.

◾You get to publish your hardcover novel. A lot of people like Isabelle Ronin, the writer of Chasing Red have published their books as hardcover…as in available in book stores hardcover, how cool is that?.

◾ Last, you get to join the writing community.

As reader;

◾You get to read for free!

◾You get to read for free!

◾You get to read for free!

That has to be good enough.Ok here are some plus;

◾You can comment on every paragraph and vote for every chapter.

◾You can contact the writers and fan them anytime.

◾You get unlimited access to different genres- there are lots of  romance, werewolves, paranormal, fan-fiction stories etc.

◾You can read books from different authors all over the world and visit countries while still your room!.

◾ And you get to join the Wattpad community.

So in essence, it is the one platform that makes reader /writer relationship very much easy thereby making the writing experience an epic one.  With Wattpad, writing has never been more fun! .

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The Rise Of Young Nigerian Writers.

Don’t you just want to pick up a novel and read the words Wi-fi and Chanel and Iphone and Slayage and Egusi and Nigerians in Africa all in the same line? Don’t you want to write pidgin without explaining what it means, be Nigerian in your writing without apologising for it? .
I went to Okada books and I almost wept. I was home.  There was ‘The Aso- Ebo Chronicles’ and ‘With  Love From Asaba ‘ by Sharon Abimbola Salu ’29, Nigerian and Single’, ‘Love is a bit Sarcastic’, pure Hausa books, books by Kiru Taye and Amaka Azie. There was this feeling of longing to devour all at the same time unlike I have ever known myself to be capable of, it was at the least bit a heady one.

To get more free Ebooks of African content READ ➡Beautiful Free African Ebooks and Where to Get Them

‘The flowering of new African Writers is an amazing phenomenon’ says Manthia Diawara a Professor of 

Comparative Literature and Film at New York University. What marvels him most is how young Africans create their own world freely without being held by the expectations of the world.
You can always spin your words, smack your Nigerian slang as rightfully sanctioned by Pa Ikide in his post ‘So Bob Dylan Won The Nobel Prize for Literature,  who Cares?’ He upfront told us the upcoming internet writers to push our way to the warfront and not to stand at the back, no, he wants us to be by the very front.  He basically told us, while not so subtley frowning on the works of Nigerians in Diaspora in a later post, that we are the true voice of present day Africa, fearless , provocative, entertaining and not so gloomy writers who are seductively free with their diction and unapologetically showcasing the real Africa.  He specifically prayed we be free with our demons! Ha ha ha, evil laugh. You have heard Papa. Now go and write Africa.
READ➡5 Classes of Talented African Writers

He said, ‘I entertain, I educate, I provoke thought, I provoke’. I love it, Powerful!. Need you a better mentor? Maybe some contemporaries but not better.

Papa for this, you have been unofficially admitted to the pepperdemgang , abeg keep showing dem pepper. P.S In case the Pa doesn’t stand for Papa, no vex but you fit born me (pardon my rusty pidgin).
(CNN)  A 19-year-old Nigerian undergraduate student has signed a two-novel deal with the British publisher Faber, making her its youngest ever woman author, Chibundu Onuzo. “I wrote the book in my last year at school,” Onuzo told CNN. “I’ve been writing since I was10, but this was the first novel I finished, so it was very liberating to be able to write ‘The End.'” Onuzo is the latest of a new generation of talented young Nigerian writers — many of them female — who have made their mark in the literary world in the past few years. She published her first book at age 21 , quite impressive. 

Helen Oyeyemi wrote her highly-acclaimed”The Icarus Girl” when she was just 18 and has written two novels since;
It is an impressive haul for Nigeria  but according to those in the know, it is just the beginning.

 Publishers and writers say there is an explosion of young Nigerian writers about to gain even more international recognition. Jeremy Weate, a British man who set up Cassava Republic publishing company in Abuja in 2007 with his Nigerian wife Bibi Bakare-Yusuf, said: “This is a very exciting time and the best of Nigerian writing is still ahead.”There is some awareness overseas of Nigerian authors and an increasing number of Nigerians winning awards, but we believe this is just the beginning.”There is still a huge amount of undiscovered and up-and-coming talent in Nigeria.”

Here is what Helon Habila had to say about us ‘There are going to be even more brilliant young writers coming through in the next few years’ and we know he is right.
Credit- CNN

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7 Ea$y Way$ to Make Money With Your Follower$

​We all love them. Like the bee is to the soft buttery nectar, we seek them. But to what extent do we gain from them?

Having several followers on social media is like the new marijuana. The more we have, the more we want. But do these followers create any economic value to our lives? Or are the thousands of likes and hundreds of positive comments enough?.

Here we have carefully compiled several ways to turn your large follower profile to a bigger client base.


Already have a product to sell or at least an idea? Good. All you have to do is make sure is it attractive and qualitative. Attractive in order to get you customers, qualitative, in order to keep ’em. The packaging, the colours depending on the target customer’s gender or age group and the use- make it an answer to a 21st century demand. If there are many products like yours, tweak something, throw some bling,  make it stand out and it will sell.


This is usually in favour of artists.

     ◾ As a MAKE-UP ARTIST , you could make yourself or some other person up and post the pictures on Instagram, Facebook or snapchat. These are usually followed by video tutorial requests depending on the dopeness of the make-up and subsequently work requests.

      ◾VISUAL ARTISTS could post their works and might land requests or even paid contracts.

     ◾FASHION DESIGNERS or amatuers could sell off their products by randomly dropping a picture of their clothings with captivating captions , it could be a brand within months!.

     ◾BAKERS, CHEFS AND WRITERS all have similar opportunities. Just drop the hint and wait for the craze if it doesn’t come, it means you need to try harder.

Many people become accidental social media entrepreneurs this way 


The real hustlers once they have a huge followership start posting many different products they themselves purchased as retailers for a profit.The demands with such popularity is always very positive because there is no way someone will not be interested in the product.



Most social media entrepreneurs started off just as normal facebookers or Instagramers then turned into relentless businessmen with the same account. Though having a large ‘follow’ number is not necessary, it is quite advantageous for faster and wider outreach.


This is best for a person with loyal and loving followers. You can keep them upto date  with your personal life and still or even because of that, get clients from them with massive recommendations and positive reviews.


This is a fast growing venture where people take the best advantage of their follower size by advertising for other brands for a price.


The most effective; 1. Follow this page

                                     2. Like this picture and three others

                           3. Tag three of your friends and tell them to follow;

or repost this picture and person with the highest likes wins the product.  Competition always sparks people’s interest, competition with rewards = more followers= more clients = more market.

So go on now, hop along , go take advantage of those followers before they decline. Your calling is not to be a Slay Mama only.

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Five Classes of Talented African Writers.

The amazing talent and super skills gathered up in that brown skinned head can be mind-blowing…or not, depending on whether the person even knows it.

Over the years, Africans have impressively proved themselves as good (in my opinion better) writers as any. They have won awards, bagged nobel prizes, won international contests and contributed immensely to the development of literature-in-English, a language not even theirs.

This can be attributed to history, the environment , and the people there. With an exotic environment ranging from the sandy slopes of Sahara to the cool moist breeze right beside Victoria Falls, Africa, is every writers dreamworld. Maybe, just maybe that is why we have them, and skilled ones too who when they write , the whole world bows.

READ➡  Beautiful Free African Ebooks and Where to get them.

I want to highlight some 5 categories of writers to be found in Africa:


This is undoubtedly the very side effect of lack of education. Though illiteracy is greatly declining, there are still many without any formal education.  They are usually oral storytellers of history or African fables. The way they spurn the words, their imagination,  the beauty of the theme makes you wonder how legendary they would have been in the literary world. Sadly, neither you nor they will ever find out because they die never formally taping it and sharing it with the world.

Where the first category are undiscovered because they had no opportunity, these ones are undiscovered because they did nothing to further their skill, something considered to be a mortal sin. My father belongs to this category. My father is an awesome storyteller and a magnificent writer, the magnificence used to describe both he and his work. But alas! He did not work it further. An article here, a write-up there, ideas to the brim but nothing hard to give. I just hope he sees this maybe and decides to work on it *fingerscrossed*. These writers once they decide to write will make the world sigh with love.

The ones that pop up in google search results. The Ngugi Wa Thiong’O’s, The Chinua Achebe’s , The Nadine Gordimer’s, The Chimamanda’s the ones that come to mind the moment we say African writers. Why? Because their books are as far as today is concerned, classics. They are mostly historical dealing with colonial and post- colonial literature or sometime not far from it. Their works are like swords against a stone hearth, brazen, powerful and beautiful in the same lane. They threw Africa from the eye of Africans to the western world as a diverse and roughly beautiful home of intelligence.
Tendai Huchu’s The Maestro, The Magistrate and the Mathematician,  Chimmamanda Ngozi’s Purple Hibiscus, The Spider Kings Daughter by Chibundu Onuzo , Sophia Acheampong’s IPods in Accra, and Nana Malone’s  Game , Set , Match. These are modern books. These are books you will read and see the word, Ipad or Instagram. These are the books about Africa as it is now. And they are great reads too.

My personal favourites. I find them quite revolutionary.  They understand the internet as the powerful tool it is and use it to enhance themselves, literally. Have you read 29, Nigerian and Single? It is modern and an ebook. Most of these writers are self publishing their works online since they either do not have the finances or access to publishing houses. They understand the importance of getting their voice out there and are not afraid to do just that. Beautiful Free African Books and where to Get them is a post on where  to access these books.READ➡  Beautiful Free African Ebooks and Where to get them.