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The Earth and Sky Theory; A Must Read.

The earth is female, the sky is male. Saying a man and woman have equal duties, is therefore due to lack of understanding of natures distinct and deliberate division of labour.

The earth with all its softness, fertility and occassional bumpiness and the sky, so intimidating, so protective and sometimes so angry are actually man and woman personified. 

Look at it this way, the earth springs forth a means of sustenance to us, much like a mother suckling it’s baby and that act in itself is that of reproduction, a means of procreation. But the earth does not produce it’s bounties by a singular act, it needs the sky to rain and fertilize it’s seeds, then it needs the sky’s warmth. And when the earth has used the water to it’s content,  it, in a selfless act transfers the excess up to the sky in a sort of support system because the earth knows that it will in the long run benefit from it again and though when the sun is hot , the sky may be too harsh on its poor mate but we all know that sometimes temper,  is just a form of keeping a loved one warm which has gone too far.

Everyone is closer to his mother, at birth at least, even if not for life because there is this intimacy unique between the giver and the receiver,  the mother and the son, the earth and humanity and even though we keep harming and disrespecting, she keeps giving, she is just being a mother. So while our connection with mother earth is direct, our connection with father sky is a little bit farther, a gesture necessary for our safety. It is always looming ahead, so seemingly out of reach yet you feel like if you reach out far enough , you might touch it . The sky is the protector of the earth and all her entireties, the provider,  the guardian, if the sky refuses to give, the earth and her children will suffer, wilt away, and die… but eventually,  sky will die out too because it’s water is not being recycled and purified by natures own purification system and so it’s very essence fails to exist. 

So therefore, just as these two opposite yet equally beautiful forces of nature have different uses and roles to play, so do we, males and females have different roles and deciding on who is more important is honestly a mere exercise in futility and the more you hammer on it, the less sense you make, the more nonsense you say because one cannot exist without the other. A man is meant for a woman just as a woman is meant for a man all by natures careful design.

The overused cliche ‘What a  man can do, a woman can do even better ‘ is therefore ,going by the earth and sky theory seriously wrong, just substitute man and woman with earth and sky, see if it makes sense, no? Well maybe because a woman is not meant to do what a man does, maybe because a woman is unique  in her own right, and a man is too. When we understand that the earth and sky are a unit working together to achieve maximum results,  each knowing and sticking to it’s own role, then  and only then will we appreciate why women can never be men, why they can’t do some things a man can do, why it is natural for it to be and why it is insulting suggesting otherwise.