Write Africa, Write for Africa.

You want to write as a contemporary African? You want to earn from that? Right place you are in.

I, like many other’s have wondered when we will write not only African books, but books for Africans.
Most novels have lost that African touch because the voice is not ours. We have a new voice, the voice of the youth. A more modern one that reflects today and if everyone is dead set on pleasing others and not giving home, we beg to differ. 

This blog is set to revolutionize writing for Africans whose only hope seems to be the youth so with the tips and articles here, I hope you can help us help you do it!

Again this blog wishes to aid the young world wide on how to monetize their writing talent online. With a variety of tools and methods, we hope you can also benefit from your skills and utilise it to the max. 

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$20,000 prize Flash Fiction Competition. 

The César Egido Serrano Foundation is the non-profit Foundation convener of this initiative, and whose objective is to use words and therefore dialogue as a tool for understanding between different cultures and religions. The competition first prize is $20,000 for the best short story. All entries will be evaluated by an international jury of great prestige, and the finalist’s stories will be published. A maximum of two stories per person of no more than 100 words each, should be submitted from the following link:

Apply here

Type in this Identification code in the registration form:


The Museo de la Palabra is a heritage site of the Fundación César Egido Serrano, it is located in Quero, Toledo (Spain), on the first route of Don Quixote.

The Gravity of Life

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That pull exists in life. The desire to be more than we actually are, the quest to get more out of life than life seems to offer. It might be for the better, or worse.

It is in Man’s innate nature to proove to himself and others that he can be MORE. Though admittedly there are some people whose zeal to succeed is just not there, they believe in living only.

Others believe that if life is worth living, it is worth living well. More often than not, these are the people that end up making it to the top.

Most times these are the people who never thought they could make it, they toiled and soiled from the very root till they made it to the top. These are the people that the society looked down on because they had neither a noble background nor influential families but alas fate had other things in stock for them.

Everyday people who move from the blades of grass up are making it in life, and their past becomes either forgotten or a point of reference. They become among the most respected, most influential, men that speak and are heard even before their voice hits the ear, the become models for us in the society. This is what happens when fate shoots a persons luck up. Hopefully, his luck will stay up for the rest of his life before the pull of gravity decides to bring it down.

Some however watch helplessly as karma flings them from the top of the success tree down on dirt and ashes, a few of whom rise from the ashes like a phoenix. These are the one’s who know what truly the pull of gravity back to earth means. The impact of the force at which they land shakes them up and probably breaks their vital organs so much so that they may never rise again.

The bottomline is, you cannot stay at the top forever, there has to be someone before and after you likewise being at the rusty bottom of the chain is not permanent. The most important factor is that you decide to beat all odds and climb the forbidden ladder and when thrown by the forces of life, you try to climb right back up. In this life we are living, life itself is attached to hope. 

Write for Africa Essay Competition 2017

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Radiant Initiative for Africa Essay Contest, “Write for Africa” aims at creating awareness on the career opportunities available to young, talented writers, to find creative writers and place them on internships in organizations where their writing prowess will be harnessesed, nurtured and prepared for higher opportunities. All entrants are expected to tell their own stories, motivate others and to show the world who they really are through their submissions.

The topic for the essay is My Life, My Words (Non Fiction).

What to gain

  • The top three prize winners will be given an Amazon Kindle, Color Printer and writing pak respectively
  • Three winners will be selected to participate in a 6 months paid internship;
  • Winners will be put in contact with with influential writers who will serve as mentors to them, providing wider exposure for their creative work, providing them access to national and international support networks of fellow young writers and change makers.

Who can apply?

  • Young Nigerians between the ages of 18 and 29;
  • Candidates willing to travel to Abuja if selected for the face-to-face interview and be willing to take the 6 months paid internship placement.

How to apply

  • After completing the online registration, send essay toradiant4africa@gmail.com. Essays must not exceed 1000 words and the font type should be Times New Roman (size 14).
  • Submissions must be received by midnight of July 20, 2017. The shortlisted essays will be notified on July 30, 2017.

See more here.

How I Get Things Done: Richard Branson.

How I get things done

To say that life as an entrepreneur and business leader is busy is an understatement. So, in order to make sure I achieve everything that not only needs to get done but also everything I want to get done, I make lists – lots of them.


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I have always lived my life by making lists. These vary from lists of people to call, lists of ideas, lists of companies to set up, lists of people who can make things happen. I also have lists of topics to blog about, lists of tweets to send, and lists of upcoming plans. 

Each day I work through these lists. By ticking off each task, my ideas take shape and plans move forward. To help you turn your ideas into a reality, here are my top 10 tips for making lists:

Richard Branson on Moskito writing notes

Image by Owen Buggy

1.     Write down every single idea you have, no matter how big or small
2.     Always carry a notebook
3.     Find a list method that works for you. Doodles, bullet-points, charts what suits you best?
4.     Make a list of small, manageable tasks to complete every day
5.     Mark off every completed task youll find making each tick very satisfying
6.     Make your goals measurable so you know if your plans are working
7.     Set far off, outlandish goals. What do you want to have achieved by 2020? How about 2050?
8.     Include personal goals in your lists, not just business
9.     Share your goals with others. You can help motivate each other further
10.  Celebrate your successes then make new lists of new goal

Richard Branson Australia Team Champagne drink

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The Earth and Sky Theory; A Must Read.

The earth is female, the sky is male. Saying a man and woman have equal duties, is therefore due to lack of understanding of natures distinct and deliberate division of labour.

The earth with all its softness, fertility and occassional bumpiness and the sky, so intimidating, so protective and sometimes so angry are actually man and woman personified. 

Look at it this way, the earth springs forth a means of sustenance to us, much like a mother suckling it’s baby and that act in itself is that of reproduction, a means of procreation. But the earth does not produce it’s bounties by a singular act, it needs the sky to rain and fertilize it’s seeds, then it needs the sky’s warmth. And when the earth has used the water to it’s content,  it, in a selfless act transfers the excess up to the sky in a sort of support system because the earth knows that it will in the long run benefit from it again and though when the sun is hot , the sky may be too harsh on its poor mate but we all know that sometimes temper,  is just a form of keeping a loved one warm which has gone too far.

Everyone is closer to his mother, at birth at least, even if not for life because there is this intimacy unique between the giver and the receiver,  the mother and the son, the earth and humanity and even though we keep harming and disrespecting, she keeps giving, she is just being a mother. So while our connection with mother earth is direct, our connection with father sky is a little bit farther, a gesture necessary for our safety. It is always looming ahead, so seemingly out of reach yet you feel like if you reach out far enough , you might touch it . The sky is the protector of the earth and all her entireties, the provider,  the guardian, if the sky refuses to give, the earth and her children will suffer, wilt away, and die… but eventually,  sky will die out too because it’s water is not being recycled and purified by natures own purification system and so it’s very essence fails to exist. 

So therefore, just as these two opposite yet equally beautiful forces of nature have different uses and roles to play, so do we, males and females have different roles and deciding on who is more important is honestly a mere exercise in futility and the more you hammer on it, the less sense you make, the more nonsense you say because one cannot exist without the other. A man is meant for a woman just as a woman is meant for a man all by natures careful design.

The overused cliche ‘What a  man can do, a woman can do even better ‘ is therefore ,going by the earth and sky theory seriously wrong, just substitute man and woman with earth and sky, see if it makes sense, no? Well maybe because a woman is not meant to do what a man does, maybe because a woman is unique  in her own right, and a man is too. When we understand that the earth and sky are a unit working together to achieve maximum results,  each knowing and sticking to it’s own role, then  and only then will we appreciate why women can never be men, why they can’t do some things a man can do, why it is natural for it to be and why it is insulting suggesting otherwise.

Self – Publishing Guide; What is an Imprint? 

Originally posted by Inventing Reality Publishing Services

11196328_10152716592200216_5186047153390453639_nFor those authors self-publishing a book for the first time, there’s a lot to learn – new terminology, new skills, new business models. One of the terms a new author likely is to run into, especially when uploading their book to CreateSpace or another print on demand company is imprint. 

Imprint is another word for “publisher.” Every book has a publisher, which is someone (or a company) who prepares the text for sale. Typically, the imprint or publisher own the book’s ISBN. 

So who is the imprint – or publisher – of your book? 

To answer that question, first ask who owns the ISBN that is going on the book’s title page. If you (or your company) personally purchased the ISBN, you are the publisher. Individuals as well as companies can purchase and own ISBNs, so you don’t have to create a business simply because you’re self-publishing, though there are some advantages to it. 

Secondly, if you don’t have an ISBN, ask yourself who then will assign one to your book. Either you must go buy one or you can have the print on demand company take care of for it; the cost of the latter ranges from free at CreateSpace to nominal at Smashwords, though a few companies may make you pay full price and even charge a processing fee for the paperwork of obtaining one. Should you have your print on demand company assign your book an ISBN, then they are the imprint or publisher. So, a CreateSpace-assigned ISBN means “CreateSpace” will have to be entered as the imprint. 

All book that are sold must have an imprint or publisher, as this allows distributors and retailers to determine the ownership and authenticity of your book’s ISBN. If you just give away your book, then no ISBN is necessary, though you may not be able to do so through a distributor or retailer. 

For more self publishing tips go to web site Inventing Reality Publishing Services.

5 Reasons Why I’ll Take Novels Over Their Movies Any Day.

I watched Harry Potter before I read the book. In fact most probably because of where I’m from, I never knew there was a Harry Potter book until well into the second or third part. Growing up I had mixed reactions about the movies, at first I was scared(I was young ), then I was amazed at the creativity , how did a human being think all this up?, then I became hungry, an insatiable one. I wanted more of it and a year of torturous waiting wasn’t for me. 

Some years later ,I found the book, something shifted. I never knew the movies could be that skeletal, that flimsy.  I mean as good as the Harry Potter movies was, it was all sponge compared to the book, simply outstanding. The way she painted the characters so vivid , the scenes like I had been teleported there and I could smell every scent and taste every food. Everything,  everything was just so alive I had forgotten it was all fiction. At a point in time, I found it hard to relate the movie with the novel.
So here are some reasons why the novels are a bigger hit:

  1. The movies do not much to the imagination, I mean every scene is handed to you, you don’t need to conjure it up but the scenes in tge books appeal to the imagination, you create your own characters and in fact you make a movie, I prefer that.
  2. The details. There is just so much a movie can show you before it gets too animated . No matter how detailed, technology cannot capture everything but with a novel, there is no limit to how detailed the author makes it,  everything out of this world and it will still make sense.
  3. I love reading, that’s enough right?.
  4. The flashbacks, the reasons why things happen, only in the novels.
  5. There is no tine frame with a novel but movies are usually two hours tops so they fail to capture the real essence of the story.

Plus the diction, descriptions, narratives,  epic conversations, drama. Come on! I bet I’m not alone, how about you, novels or their movies?.

Paperbacks or Ebooks: Your Preference? 

My one prayer whenever I’m stressing my eyes for hours unending reading my favourite novel  sometimes when the room is dark and the light from my phone is assaulting my eyes is for me eyes to not let me down in the future, because I hardly doubt it is healthy. But because technology is so adamant on making everything easy for us and we are so welcoming and accepting of it, I still go back to reading on my phone, at least it’s a wider screened smartphone now.

I see people reading paperback novels and the first thing that comes to my mind is, I’m getting the ebook on Amazon, because I know I can!. Now, I don’t even bother buying the print novels and sometimes even textbooks, they are all online, it’s always a plus if they are free.

But reading ebooks is my preference. I know of many people who can’t even stand the idea. They prefer seeing the print as it is, that is the only time they get the reading experience. For others, the feel of a good book in their palms is not something they will want to trade.

I know of a relative whose main reason for reading a paperback book is because he usually flings them when he reads a part that annoys him, he can’t fling his phone all the time now can he?

For some it’s just so people can see them reading a novel, it gives out the imagery of someone much more intelligent and important than they are, they seem to think.

But for many it is the novelty, the sanctity of the traditional books in print that makes them ever loyal to it. Aside from the fact that ebooks are free, this , the novelty is the only other reason I read books in print in this century. 

On the part of the writers and publishers, it’s all about faster and easier access to readers. The circulation of ebooks is no doubt not far behind it’s print counterpart. There is also more flexibility and with so many free self-publishing mediums, e-books production are so much more rampant with or without pay. With digital publishing, writers make more but publishers make most without spending much. The downside? The revenue it generates is not much at all.

So it’s safe to say that ebooks might over ride the traditional ones very soon as many youth do not longer even see the point in toiling to get your work publised and earning only a meagre amount from it as is the order of the day when they can do same for free online and sometimes even earn from it. Though I’m not in support of extinction of print,  it still will make sense if that is the case.

So which do you prefer? E or Paperback books?

Instagram v. Snapchat: Which is better?

Snapchat Download Drops by 27%- NYC POST.

If you have been following the news lately, then you might already be aware of the fact that Instagram is slowly taking over all the craze from the rival Snapchat. This in a way is definitely affecting Snapchat and the parent company Snap Inc. However, according to the new reports which we have, it looks like Snapchat is indeed in a deep trouble after all. As of the first two months of the second quarter, the year-over-year downloads of the app are down a whopping 22-percent.

Yes, the data from Instinet suggests that overall downloads are down by about 22-percent which is quite an unusual for a company whose value grew over a couple of billion dollars. This obviously has affected the overall value of the parent company by 26.5-percent. As far as this decline is concerned, the downloads went downhill from being on a positive end of the scale to a massive downfall. And interestingly, Apple users have had the largest decline in the downloads. The iOS downloads have declined by 40-percent.

Snapchat deployed a vending machine to sell it’s Spectacles along Venice Beach

According to the analysts, one of the main reasons for this decline in the downloads of Snapchat are other social media platforms. As you might already know, Facebook, Instagram & a couple of other messaging services have already started copying Snapchat. This especially has a lot to do with the stories feature being copied. Well, if you don’t know what stories are, they are custom photos or videos which you can upload that stays on your profile for 24 hours. Not just this, few other feature such as Snapchat lens, etc. were also copied.

To sum it up, it is safe to say that we literally have a snapchat clone out there and since more users are already using Instagram, it was quite obviosu for them to switch over there and continue using the features than installing a new app and getting used to this. Having said that, we would like to know your thoughts on this. Are you a Snapchat user? If yes, then what is your favourite feature on the app. Be sure let us know by dropping a comment down below and also, stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more info like this.

Source – NYPost


So now, the question is :

Top Ten Africans You Should Know. Part 3

7, Joseph Kabila, D.R. Congo (Age: 43) Youngest African President. Joseph Kabila has been the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo since January 2001. He assumed the Office of the Presidentof the Democratic Republic of Congo 10 days after the assassination of his father, PresidentLaurent-Desire Kabila. Becoming the world’s youngest at the age of 29. He was elected as the president in 2006, and was re-elected in 2011.


Ademilola Odunjinrin.  A Nigerian pilot who works for Air Djibouti has become the first African pilot in history to fly solo around the world. Ademilola “Lola” Odujinrin completed the final leg of his historic journey Wednesday afternoon, landing safely at Washington Dulles International Airport. Ademilola says: “Ever since I was a child, I dreamed of one day flying around the world. We have aresponsibility to lead by example and follow our dreams. I want African children to think: ‘I can do this too!’”I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Air Djibouti’s Chairman, Aboubaker Omar Hadi, and Cardiff Aviation’s Chairman, Bruce Dickinson, who have supported me throughout this journey. Without them, this would not have been possible.”

 Olusoji Adetokunbo Fasuba-Fastest African. (born 9 July 1984) is a Nigerian sprinter who specializes in the 100 metres.[1]He is the current African record holder in the event with 9.85 seconds, thus making him the fastest African of all time. 

 Philip Emeagwali (born August 23, 1954).  Philip Emeagwali is a Nigerian computer scientist and innovator. He has been living in the United States for many years. An Igbo,[1] he won the 1989 Gordon Bell Prize ($1,000) for price-performance in high-performance computing applications, in an oil reservoir modeling calculation using a novel mathematical formulation and implementation.